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Announcing the Radix Eats series.

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

Hello and welcome to the whacky Radix Eats blog! After seeing such fine community contributors such as Stuart with his invaluable docs and code at, Wiley at with his planned release of handy validator tax tracking tools, Ian at with his high-value videos, which have served the community for years, Florian over at who is both a good friend and truly a bastion of the Telegram community, and so many others who contribute greatly in various ways, I was really struggling to think of ways to add something unique to my node for the community. A little spice, so to speak... I brought this dilemma to Slightlyiffy and he, without any hesitation, suggested I simply use what I have. Pondering this a while I realised, quite hilariously, that one of the highest levels of added value I can bring to the Radix community is my ability to cook. I've spent a lot of my life as a chef, and have built up quite a portfolio of amazing recipes from all around the world. So, to add a fun little extra to my node, to honour my past kitchen life, and most importantly to make sure every Radix community member eats well so they can live long lives, and enjoy the wealth and freedom that's coming to them, I decided to publish the Radix Eats series! Every week for the next two years until Xi'an, I'll be releasing a delicious home-cooking style recipe, paying particular homage at times to Radix (root) vegetables. Funny, I know.

If you enjoy a recipe, I'd love to hear your feedback! And if you really enjoy a recipe, you are very welcome to stake on my node. After all, a good chef can handle any stake that's thrown at them.

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